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You can make money by advertise for our platform on your social media accounts.

Via Ads

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Simply you can write a post or serial of posts, also create a video or series of videos about the Platform, then publish it on your social media platforms such as but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube and LinkedIn…etc.

Posts or videos or both should cover services, tools and advantages of the platform or how to navigate and use the tools of the platform whether as a buyer or seller, plus if you see any disadvantages you can explain it too. Because the reason of funding these ads is to help us to see the reaction of our service on customers plus improve our services.  

Evaluation of the post or video will include the quality of writing, coverage of platform services and spread of your post regarding likes, shares and views.

At the moment, we provide our website with 2 languages Arabic and English. So that, posts and videos must be explained in these 2 languages. But if you are fluent or good in another language such as French, Spanish, German..etc. You can create your ads and we will evaluate and accept it too.

You can get between 10$ to 500$ as a reward for your effort and work and it will be transferred directly to your payment method that you selected when you submitted your request such as your bank account or PayPal.

After you submitted your application, our marketing team will evaluate your ads and will contact you within 72 hours to send you the reward. 

If our marketing team has recommended your Ads to be published on our social platforms accounts, which means your work was really good. In this case, we may will ask you to make a serial of Ads and maybe offer you a job to join our marketing team. 

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Via Broker

Join our broker’s team to attract new sellers to start selling on the platform and get more benefits for helping them through registration and adding products.

Via Network

Join the Via Network to ship packages around the world. By using your company’s delivery team, car, or motorcycle…etc. While you are traveling and roaming.

Via Points

Join our Via Points to receive and deliver packages of our customers in your area neighborhood, get paid for each package you will receive or deliver.