Learn how to verify your identification with a few steps without any complications.

First Step

Submit Documents

After registering and selecting your store class. You have to verify your identification from your profile (in section verification) whether you are an individual or business seller, for allowing you to start adding your products and selling. Because we don't allow any seller to add any product till verifying the identification by uploading the required documents. 

Individual: Identification documents which we accept from individuals are: National Id, Driver License, Residence License, Passport or other.

Business: Identification documents which we accept from businesses are: Commercial Registration, tax Registration, or other.

In general, every seller has to upload and submit at least 2 identification documents whether individual or business. Otherwise, identification verification requests will be rejected.  

You can learn how to scan and prepare your documents easily and faster by visiting Documents.

Second Step

Verification Process

You have to submit your identification documents within 24 hours of registration, in case no documents have been submitted, we will cancel your registration and close your store.

Once you submit your documents, our administration team will review them, and if they are correct, you will receive an acceptance notification then you can start adding your products. If not, you have to resubmit other documents to get the approval.

If you have already registered, and want to verify your identification click here, or you can send it by whatsApp and our team will verify it for you. Check WhatsApp Registration

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