Make sure to know the legal status for your taxes according your country.


Store Taxes

You are responsible for handling your tax situation, and dealing with the governmental offices in your country/state/city to inform and submit your tax statement regarding your revenue from selling on our platform.  

Our platform will deduct only the VAT that related to our platform sales and revenues.

We will transfer your monthly revenue directly to your accounts without any responsibilities for our side to pay any kind of tax or submit any tax clarifications to any organisation related to sales on our platform.

You have to contact the tax authorities where you are running your work, to know the procedures of when and how much you should pay or the percentage that will be deducted from your revenue as a tax. 

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Seller Dashboard

We offer a package of widgets that help you to publish your products and services, in addition to communicate with your customer and shipping.

Sellers Office

We help you to open your online store which isn’t different from offline stores, but with awesome tools and services that save time, effort and expenses.

Seller Course

Our team prepared a free course for new sellers, by recording videos related to all registration process and add products...etc. You can watch videos whenever you want in English or Arabic.

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