Store Vacation

Take a break and close your store for a while, then reopen it manually or automatically.

close & reopen

Vacation Mode

Settings Page: You can enable your store vacation mode by going to Settings section in your store Dashboard, then go to the "Vacation Mode" section.

Enable Vacation Mode: You have to check the box to active the vacation mode.

Disable Purchasing During Vacation: You can disable the store purchasing products within the vacation period or keep the purchasing running.

Vacation Type: You have to select one of 2 options: Instantly Close or Date Wise Close.

Vacation Message: You can write a message to show for your shoppers, buyers or followers to notify them about your vacation/close, in case if there is any delay in delivering, when will you reopen again or something else.

Manual reopen

Instantly Close

You close your store immediately then reopen it again manually whenever you want.

Close Store: You have to check box of "Enable Vacation Mode".

Instantly Close: You have to select "Instantly Close" from the vacation type, then click on "Save", after that your store will be closed immediately.  

Reopen Store: To reopen your store from instantly close at any time, simply login to Settings section in your store Dashboard, select Vacation Mode section, then uncheck the box of "Enable Vacation Mode" to re-active your store, then click on "Save" and your store will be live again immediately.

Automatic reopen

Date Wise Close

You can close and reopen your store for shoppers and buyers on certain dates automatically.  

Close Store: You have to check box of "Enable Vacation Mode".

Date Wise Close: You have to select "Date Wise Close" from the vacation type.

From: Select from the calendar the day when you want to close your store.

Up to: Select from the calendar the day when you want your store to be re-opened and live again.

Click on "Save", and your store closing and reopening dates will be saved and activated automatically.

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