Store Staff

Assign staff members who could help you in store operation management.

Seller Class

Staff Limit

According to your Store Class, you will be allowed to add a certain number of registered staff members plus you for your store:

  • Bronze: You will be allowed to assign only 2 members.
  • Silver: You will be allowed to assign only 5 members.
  • Gold: You will be allowed to assign only 7 members.
  • Platinum: You are allowed to add unlimited staff members for your store.

Staff Page

Staff List

Staff: Usernames that you have entered for each member.

Name: The first and last name of each member to recognise them easily.

Email: Emails of all added staff members. 

Action: You have 2 options: Edit and Delete each member.

New Member

Add New

Add New: You can add a new member by clicking on "Add New" button on the right side in the header bar of staff section.

Username: Insert his/her username that will show on your staff column for ex. Customer Service, Shipping..etc.

Email: Insert his/her email that you show on your staff list.

First & Last Name: Insert his/her first and last name.

Staff Capability: According to your Store Class, your staff members capacities will be the same as your store class. You can determine for each member the responsibilities and capabilities that can or cannot to do, even which one to appear for them when they login.

member Permissions

Staff capabilities

ِEach class has its Class Capabilities, your staff will get the same capabilities that you will get for your store class.

You can turn on/off each tool according to staff member tasks, if you turned off any tool that means your member cannot see it.

You will find all the tools and features that you need to run your store such as but not limited to: Products, Orders, Inquiries, Chat and Reports...etc.

Login Info

Confirmation Email

Once you submit your new member data, member will receive an automatic email that includes Login information (username & password).

New member could login immediately and start work without any delay or waiting for any acceptance.

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