Selling Steps

Store Information

We have explained every section of store information, to learn how to complete all the store details.

Store Info.

Steps & Hints

Individual: Prepare an attractive store name, try to create a new brand for your store.

Business: Prepare store name that could be the company name, a brand or product.

Make sure to not use famous registered trademark brands names unless you have a contract with them to sell their products.

Verification Documents: Make sure to prepare at least 2 documents for identification verification. Check Documents & Verification.

Store Representative: Prepare the  name of the person who will operate the store.

Main Telephone No.: Prepare a landline or mobile number or both, use (,) to separate between them to contact you.

Emergency Telephone No.: Prepare a telephone number that we can reach you in case of any emergencies differ from the main telephone number.

Full Address: Prepare your address as following: Street Name, House No., State and Country (for Individual house or shop address, for business company or factory address).

Zip/Postal Code: Prepare the postal code of your address.

Determine what kind of your stores you want to open between:

Local: Selling products from only one country. In other words shipping your products from 1 country.

Global: Selling products from many countries. In other words shipping your products from many countries.

Be ready to choose an answer for the question of how or from where will you get your products between Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Retailer or Drop-shipper.

You have to determine which language you will use when uploading your products between English, Arabic and more languages soon. 

You have to determine which currency that you will use when adding prices of the products from the following currencies: Egyptian Pound (EGP), Dollar ($), Euro (€), Sterling Pound (£), Canadian Dollar (C$), Saudi Riyal (SAR), Emirati Dirham (AED), and Turkish lira (₺).

Kindly be careful if you are a global store to use only one currency.

Logo: Prepare your logo design of your store. 

Fixed Banner: Prepare your store fixed banner which available for all store classes. You may need to a slider or videos banner if you will upgrade your store to golden or platinum classes. 

To learn how to design a logo and banner for your store according our standards, check Logo & Banner.  

Store Phone: By default, your store telephone number will be shown in this step. But if not, kindly re-write your store telephone number again.

Store Address: Prepare your store address, you can write the same address of yours, if it will be the same. Kindly note that this address will be the shipping address that we will use to send our couriers to collect orders.

Find Location and Store Location: To have accurate and correct address of your store, we have added address locator which help you and our team to find your shipping location faster. So enter your address, then check if it is the correct address on the map or not. If not move the pin till you put it on the correct address.

Insert your shop description that will appear to your buyers on your store page such as kind of products or categories that your store will offer…etc.

We provide many methods to get your revenues, you can get your money via Bank Transfer, PayPal, Western Union and Stripe.

Prepare the details of the suitable method for you.

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Seller Dashboard

We offer a package of widgets that help you to publish your products and services, in addition to communicate with your customer and shipping.

Sellers Office

We help you to open your online store which isn’t different from offline stores, but with awesome tools and services that save time, effort and expenses.

Seller Course

Our team prepared a free course for new sellers, by recording videos related to all registration process and add products...etc. You can watch videos whenever you want in English or Arabic.