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Seller Registration

We provide many methods of registration, for an easy, fast and completed registration.

Seller Registration

Individual & Business

We provide our services for persons such as but not limited to: 

Small Shop: We give the opportunity to small shop owners to start selling their products on our platform for more sales and earnings.

Drop Shipper: We allow drop shippers who are buying products from other websites and republish them on our platform.

Social Media Sellers: We help social media sellers to create stores on our platform to start selling products and earning more money.

Handmade Manufacturers: We are welcoming handmade producers to sell their work on our platform with the ability to decide how many days it would take to prepare the product for shipping.

Employee: We provide a chance to companies employees who can start their own business and sell products of their companies for themselves on our platform.

Students: We provide a chance for students to start their own career by opening their stores and selling products or by asking their surrounding neighbourhoods stores/factories or other ways for picturing products and publishing these products on our platform with a commission from them.

We provide our services for commercial and companies such as but not limited to: 

Firm & Organisation: We provide all services to commercial companies to start selling their products online on our platform.

Commercial Brand: We help commercial brands firms to start selling their products online on the platform and attract more customers.

Manufacturers: We are welcoming manufacturers to start selling their products online on our platform from their storage to customers directly.

Export & Import Companies: We allow export & import companies to start selling their products online on our platform in our 33 countries.

We have provided 3 Methods to register on our platform:

Basic Registration: We have designed a basic registration form for sellers who are new in selling online, still figure out the system and not ready yet with all the information regarding their potential store. So that, you can start your registration process and save your data, comeback again with the missing info and complete your registration at any time later. Check Basic Registration.

Premium Registration: We have developed premium registration method for professional sellers who have experience in selling online which means they have already all the info of their stores, so they can start fulfil the application and start selling immediately. Kindly note, if you decided to use premium registration, wouldn’t complete all your store info, our system will reject and close your store then you have to repeat the process again from the beginning. Check Premium Registration.

WhatsApp Registration: To help our sellers to register easily and faster, we have offered sellers to register through WhatsApp application to ease the procedures of the registration, so you can easily send us the required data through our WhatsApp number and we will register you then you have to complete the other steps. Check WhatsApp Registration

After submitting your registration form whether by basic, premium or whatsApp method, you have to verify your identification. Then you can start uploading products and receiving orders. Otherwise, you will not allowed to selling till you upload your IDs.

Individuals Documents: You have to upload your identification documents such as National ID, Driving License, Residence ID, Passport or other identification documents.

Businesses Documents: You have to upload your company documents such as Commercial Registration, Tax Registration or other identification documents.

To learn how to prepare your documents check Documents.

For more information about verification process, check Verification

To start uploading your documents directly, select Verification section in your Profile.

Make sure to upload at least two documents, according our selling policy. Otherwise, your verification process wouldn’t be accepted, therefore you won’t be allowed to upload any products.

Stores Classes: By default, all sellers will join to Bronze Class which is free monthly membership, and also has limited features and orders selling commission. You can choose between remaining in Bronze Class or upgrade to another class such as Silver-, Gold- or Platinum Class. Check Stores Classes.

Class Capability: To know the meanings and usage of the features and tools that we provide for each class, Check Class Capability.

To upgrade your store class you have 2 options:

Manually: Means you have to upgrade your store class by yourself, using the BasicPremium or WhatsApp method.

Automatic: Means that you have to reach to the sales upgrade target of your class, then your store will be automatically upgraded to the upper class. To know what is your store class sale upgrade target, check Stores Classes.

For details about how to upgrade and downgrade your store class, check How to Upgrade.

To ensure that you will obligate our Selling Policy, give our buyers the best service. From other hand, filtering fraud sellers who would ruin other sellers good work and remove them faster as possible. 

So, according to your Store Class, you have to pay your store insurance deposit amount, which will use to deduct money for any violations or compensation fees you may get for providing fraud products, misbehaver with shoppers and buyers…etc.

We have created 2 methods to ease paying your store insurance deposit:

Manual: Means you have to pay the full amount of your previous class insurance deposit at once, which you probably use when you upgrade your store. When you move to your new class, our financial team will start to deduct a certain percentage (10%) from revenue of each order you will sell, till you complete the deposit amount of your new class, then our financial team will stop deducting and you will get your full revenue of your order. 

Automatic: Means our financial team will deduct a certain percentage (10%) from revenue of each order you will receive, till you complete your deposit current class, then stop and get your full revenue. 

If you decided to close your store for any further reasons in the future, you will get back your insurance deposit of your store class. 

For details about insurance deposit, check Insurance Deposit.

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