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Step by step learn how to prepare a product to be uploaded on your store easily.

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Steps & Hints

Make sure that product title includes not less than 4-6 words, not more or less. You may add type, brand name, color, size in the product title for example: White Zara Fabric Pants all Sizes.

Kindly don’t write titles like the following examples:

  • Black Pants.
  • Zara Pants black. 
  • Pants.
  • Zara pants for winter and summer white and black colors, all Sizes M, L, XL, XXL, XXXl from.

Make sure when you make your product’s images to follow these steps:

– Adjust your camera or mobile camera settings to be on high resolution and turn on and use the flash.

– Put your product on clothes hanger or a mannequin.

– Put your product in-front of a white background or white wall and adjust the location light/lamp to be in-front of product not behind of above.

– You have to take more than 3 images of the product and also 3 for each color if product has many colors.

– You have to make a general view image and other photos from many angles for the product.

– Take image for product’s brand, size label and washing and drying instructions labels.

– If the product has any flaws, you have to make photos for this flaws.

– After you finish, click here to compress your images for free before you upload it.

Ready to Ship” refers to the product preparation period that you need to prepare your product before we collect it from your location for shipping.

For Example:

– If the product is available in you store or you have it, so you can select immediately as a Ready to Ship 

– If you will buy the product, make sure to count the days that your product needs to arrive to you location.

– If you will manufacture/produce your product, make sure to calculate the duration that you need to finish and make it Ready to Ship.

So make sure to determine this duration correctly with possibilities for any delay that may happen.

Make sure to make your product comply with our standard size charts in Via Charts. and if your product has differences, kindly write the difference in Product Info. in the Short Description. 

When you visit our Via Charts, you will know also how to measure your product to select the correct size.  

Product Weight: You have to weight your product and provide approximately weight as that will calculate the shipping cost according to your provided weight. In case you submit a wrong weight which leads us to pay more cost for shipping, we will charge you for the extra fee. 

Product Dimension: You have to provide correct dimension (long, width and height) of your product or approximately dimension, because dimension of the product play big role when we calculate shipping cost. In case you submit a wrong dimension which leads us to pay more cost for shipping, we will charge you for the extra fee. 

Make sure to prepare the following information for your product short description:

Shipping Country: Mention where your product will be shipping from to let buyers know how long it would take to deliver the product from Via Map.

Ready to Ship: Determine the period that you need to prepare the product before we collect it from your location for shipping.

Quality: Determine the product quality level from original, high quality, medium quality or economy quality.

Status: Determine product status from new, almost new (1 month), light used(1-3 months) or used (more than 3 months).

Provider: Determine if you are an individual seller or a company.

Quantity: Determine if the product is available in only retail or only wholesale or both retail and wholesale.

Product Info.: Mention product information regarding purposes, how to use, notes, differences between actual sizes and via chats size, if the the product has any manufacturing or using defect and so on.

Make sure to count all the following cost when you pricing your product: 

1- Product cost.

2- Profit margin, we advice you to put profit margin between 5% and 25% of the product cost.

3- Platform commission according to your store class.

If the product has variations regarding color or size, you have to prepare and add the following:

1- Take photos for each color with the same standards that we explained earlier in step No. 2 “Product Images“.

2- Prepare prices for all sizes or colors in case you you want to increase or decrease prices for certain sizes or colors.

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