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We enable you to chat with store buyers and shoppers, to gain their trust and give them the correct information.

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Chat with Buyers

We provide a live chat tool that helps you to be all time in touch with your store new shoppers, buyers and followers and old ones too (conversations will never be deleted from your Chat Box section) to answer questions or provide information about your store products. 

Online: Try to be online on the platform as possible as you can to answer questions and inquiries faster.

Offline: Shoppers, Buyers and Followers still can send you messages if you were offline, so don't ignore their messages and try to answer them first when you online again.  

Questions & offers

Chat Usage

You can use the chat tool to answer your store shoppers, buyers or followers questions and inquires regarding products such as but not limited to sizes, special sizes, colors, notes, quality, usage, material, special requests or designs...etc.

They can also start chatting with you asking for discount coupons, wholesaling coupons, new collections arrivals, new offers..etc.


Chat Misusing

We expect from you to use this tool for the right and good purposes, and don't use it for bothering or insulting any shopper, buyer or follower.

Kindly note that we allow all customers to report about any misusing of this tool by sellers. If we received a misuse compliant, we will start an investigation immediately. We reserve the right to check all your conversations history and in case we found any evidence of misusing. Unfortunately, we will disable your store then ban you from selling on the platform. So do your best to be nice, kind and polite. 

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