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Step by step learn how to start selling on the platform.

how to sell

Steps & Hints

Preparation: We highly recommend to prepare your data, before you launch in your registration process, so check Store Info, Email creation, Logo & Banner designing.  

Registration: If you are expert (individual or business), has previous experience in selling online and all your store data is already prepared, you can use Premium registration. But if you are beginner (individual or business) and still need sometime to used the system, you can use Basic registration or simply register by WhatsApp registration.

Kindly note that if you will register using Premium registration but won’t complete it or submit it with missing data, your registration request will be rejected and you will have to re-register again from the begging. So make sure to have all your store data and info well prepared before you start the Premium registration process. 

Identification Verification: Whether you are an individual or a business, you must verify your identification to start selling on our platform. So to know what kind of official documents that we accept, how to prepare and scanning it easily check Documents. Once you prepared your documents, you can verify your identification by visiting Verification.  

Acceptance Email: Once all information is clear and confirmed, you will receive an acceptance email that includes your seller reference number.

Stores classes divided into Bronze-, Silver-, Gold-, Platinum class. Each class has certain features and tools, started with the minimum in Bronze class and ended with all available in Platinum class. For more info about classes features, check Stores Classes.

Classes Capabilities: We have explained each feature and tool of classes, to know the usage of each one. Also determine which one you need to allow or disallow your Store Staff members to use. Check Classes Capabilities.

Store Class Upgrade & Downgrade: By default, your store will join Bronze class. If you decided to upgrade your store to upper class, we have 2 methods of upgrading: Manual (Basic & Premium) and Automatic. Also for downgrading to a lower class. All info about upgrading and downgrading, you find in How to Upgrade.

Insurance Deposit: We apply an insurance system to make sure that you obey our platform selling policies. According to your Store Class insurance deposit amount, our team will deduct a small a mount from each order you will sell, till you complete the whole amount, then stop this deduction. To make it more easier for you, we provide 2 methods to pay the deposit Manual and Automatic. All info about insurance deposit, you find in Insurance Deposit.

Store Dashboard is your main page to operate, monitoring and controlling your store operation, which includes the following sections (For more info about all your dashboard features and sections, check Seller Dashboard):

Home Menu: You can briefly monitoring your store performance. For direct access click Here, for more info check Home Menu.

Profile: You can add and edit your personal, address data, store class and verification. For direct access click Here, for more info check Profile.

Notification Board: You can easily check your store notifications regarding store operations. For direct access click Here, for more info check Notifications.

Inquires Board: You can easily check all products enquires which sent by shoppers. For direct access click Here, for more info check Enquires.

Announcements: You can easily check platform announcements for any maintenance or updates. For direct access click Here, for more info check Announcements.

Side Bar: You will find all your store sections such as products, orders, followers and staff…etc.

Settings: You can add and edit your store, data, location, analytics region and vacation mode. For direct access click Here, for more info check Settings.

We highly recommend to start from Sellers Office to learn everything, step by step about selling on our platform:

Start: We have explained everything related to your start regarding Preparation, Registration, Polices and Dashboard.

Operate: We have explained everything related to handling your store Products, Variations, Operation and After Sell.

Manage: We have explained everything related to dealing with Tags, Customers, Platform and Support.

Finance: We have explained everything related to financial regarding Decisions, Sales, Payment and Benefits.

We provide awesome features and tools that help you to attract more buyers and increase your sales: 

Coupons: You can easily create discount coupons and wholesaling coupons for your buyers for attracting them to buy more products. For direct access click Here, for more info check Coupons

Store Followers: Buyers and shoppers can follow your store to get an easy access to your store. For direct access click Here, for more info check Followers.

Reviews: Buyers could submit reviews for purchased products, your store. Both will be automatically approved by our Stores Team. For direct access click Here, for more info check Reviews.

Store Badges: Our Stores Team assigns badges for stores referring to store class, completed orders and store type…etc. For more info check Badges.

Store Vacation: You can close your store for vacation or another reason, you can close it immediately or automatic in specific closing and opening dates. For more info check Store Vacation.

Our Products Team has explained every single step to add and modify your store products, as following:

Manage Products: You will find your products page which includes list, status, prices, types…etc. plus add new products. For direct access click Here, for more info check Products.

Products Types: According to your Store Class, you will be able to add products from your dashboard among Simple, Variable, Grouped, Virtual and Downloadable products. 

Add Product: According to your Store Class, you will be allowed to add products from your dashboard which has more features. But to ease adding product on our platform, we have created a special form available for all store class, so check Add Product.

Product Info.: Learn how to prepare your product data regardless the product type, before you start adding it. Check Product Info.

Review & Edit: Our Products Team has to review every submitted product, whether new or modified product to ensure that the product complies with platform terms and standards then publish it. In case of missing info, our team will contact you.

Translate & Publish: Once your product has complied with terms and standards of the platform, it will be translated to the other languages then published and shown on the platform Market and in all languages.

Our Orders Team has explained every single step to handle you store orders smoothly, as following:

Manage Orders: Find all your orders in one place, which includes list, statuses and details. For direct access click Here, for more info check Orders.

Orders Statuses: You have to know the meanings of each status which will help you to handle your orders easily. Check Orders Statuses.

Packaging: Once you receive an order, you have to start preparing it according to Ready To Ship of the product then packaging it. Check how to request for our packaging material by Packaging.

Shipping: We provide shipping service to ease the process of orders shipping from your door to your buyer’s door. Check Shipping.

After Sell: We have explained all details and rules of Cancellation, Replacement and Refund to know your rights and how to deal with each situation.

One of the most important factors in e-commerce is communication between you (as seller), buyer/shopper and our platform teams, to avoid bad reviews, returns and replacement. So we provide many channels for fast connect: 

Live Chat: Buyers can start chatting with you directly about products and coupons….etc. For direct access to you chat box click Here, for more info check Live Chat.

Enquiries: You may receive questions from shoppers and buyers regarding your products and you can reply attaching files and photos too. For direct access to you inquires box click Here, for more info check Enquiries.

Order Page: Both you and buyer can add notes for each other in the order page, plus attaching files and photos. 

Support ticket: We provide a fast reporting tool which help the buyer to inform our team about any problem that the buyer faced with the order for minimizing requests of replacing and refund. Once we receive it, our team will contact you ASAP. For more info about how it works, check Support Ticket.

Contact Us: We are 24/7 available for you, to help and answer all your question. To know how to contact our Sellers Team just visit Contact Us.

Seller Support: We provide a support form for specific circumstances and situations that you may face during selling on our platform. But of course  you can use it to report about any problem you may have. Check Seller Support.

Learn and monitor your store financial aspects, using our awesome tools which we provide: 

Platform Commissions: We have 2 kind of commissions (Monthly Membership & Order Commission). According to your Store Class, one of our commissions will be implemented on your store revenue. Check Commission.

Revenue Payment : You will receive your store revenues during the 15 day of next month after deducting the platform commission, according to your Store Class and orders policy for orders still in refunding period. Check Revenue.

Revenue Taxes: You have to handle your taxes situation with the governmental offices in your country/ state/ city, and submit your taxes statement about your business revenue on our platform. Check Taxes.

Ledger Book: We provide you accounting tool that calculates all your store transactions automatically and divides them into debit and credit. For direct access to your ledger click Here, for more info check Ledger Book.  

Store Reports: You can monitor every single action in your store sales by dates and product …etc. For direct access to your reports click Here, for more info check Reports.

Store Analytics: You can monitor your store visitors and know the most visited products, daily visits stats and top regions of visitors..etc. For direct access to your analytics click Here, for more info check Analytics.

Earn more money, by join our via teams who help us in operating and expanding our platform activities: 

Via Broker: Join our Brokers Team, to attract new sellers and help them to register and uploading products, for your help get your commission form each order they sell. Also get another commission by generating your Broker URL for any product, then send it to your friends and get your commission when they buy it. Check Via Broker.

Via Courier: Join our Couriers Team, get benefits for delivering and collecting packages to/from from/to sellers and buyers in your city, area or neighbourhood where you live. Check Via Courier.

Via Network: Join our Network Team, get benefits for transporting packages during your travel between countries and cities. Check Via Network.

Via Points: Join our Points Team, gain more benefits by storing packages in your shop or house, when receiving and delivering it from sellers, buyers and partner shipping companies. Check Via Points.

Via Ads: Create & publish posts or videos on your accounts on social media platforms about our services, earn money according to quality and aspects that you have covered in your posts or videos. Check Via Ads.

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