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How to Buy ?

We have explained every single step which you may need under any circumstance for a successful and smooth purchasing experience.

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Steps & Hints

Sign-up & Login: Prepare your email address (if you don’t have one yet, check Create Email) and your username then click Sign-up.

Language: By default the platform will open in your browser language or you can change the language that you prefer from the top menu between Arabic & English (other languages soon).

Currency: By default the platform will open in your country currency or you can select the currency that you would like to use to pay for products among Egyptian Pound(EGP), Dollar($), Euro(€), Sterling Pound(£), Canadian Dollar(C$), Saudi Riyal (SAR), Emirati Dirham(AED) and Turkish lira(₺).

Search Bar: Write the name/kind of the product that you’re looking for, select its category then click on search button.

Market (Sidebar): Search among the main categories and attributes of products on the platform Market page.

Quick Views: Navigate through the quick view of all products as you can display the whole information of the product in a small window instead of opening each one in a new tab.

Footer: Easy access to products categories from sections menu in all pages footer.

Price: The price that you will see on product details is depending on your login address (Country), because every country’s login address has a different price which includes all expense of shipping & taxes to your location.

Product Info: The product details that includes shipping country, ready to ship, quality, status, provider, quantity and short description.

Ask About Product: Send to the seller a question(s) regarding anything about the product.

Chat with Seller: Chat with the seller directly, ask any question about the product.

Store Card: Link for the store page to check its products, badges and reviews.

Specification: Product attributes such as sizes, colors, weight and dimensions…etc.

Reviews: Comments about the product published by buyers who have purchased this product.

More Offers: Other seller’s offers related to the same product.

Inquiries: General inquiries about this product from other shoppers.

All published products have the followings information fields: 

Country Flag: Where the product is originally made or manufactured.

Shipping Country: From where or the country that the product will be shipping from.

Ready to Ship: Period that seller will take to prepare for shipping.

Quality: Check the quality level of the product among Original, High Quality, Medium Quality or Economy Quality.

Status: Check product status level among New, Almost New (1 month), light Use (1:3 months) and used (more than 3 months).

Provider: Check who is selling that product among Individual or Company seller.

Quantity: Check Products availability among Only Retailing, Only Wholesaling or Retailing & Wholesaling.

Short Description: Check product description that includes material, usage guide and any other notes.

We highly recommend to visit Before Buy page, to know more about:

Via Charts: Check standards sizes charts which provided for you to get correct size and avoid returns. Check Via Charts.

Used Products: All products which have used status are not refundable or replaceable. 

Ready to Ship: Make sure that the ready to ship period which indicates to the period that seller needs to prepare your order for shipping is suitable for you.

Shipping Country: Make sure to check the shipping country of the product and the shipping duration to your country by visiting Via Map.

Ask about Product: Ask the seller any question you have about the product. You will find the answer in your Inquiries section.

Chat with Seller: Chat with the seller directly to ask about the product. You will receive the reply directly if the seller online. If not, you will find the answer in Chat Box section once the seller is online again.

Coupons: Ask the seller for a special offer such as discount coupons or wholesaling coupons…etc.

Store Badges: Check the store badges to know the level of the store before buying.

Reviews: Check the product and store reviews.

Stores Following: You can follow any store that you like from the store page header.

Here are some important tips to follow for avoiding any delay in delivery process:

Important Info: make sure that the address you write in the same country where you logged-in because of the reasons that we explained earlier. Our system will track your IP address and the currency and amount that you have paid، if the IP address is not comply with currency and amount, the system will automatically canceled your order.

Automatic Location: Don’t close or block the automatic geolocation determiner that will appear in the browser URL bar once you are in checkout page, and allow it to determine and fix your current address on our map or simply move the pin to it.

Another Address: If you will ship to another address but in the same country, write down the address but make sure that the map displays its location correct.

Via Gifts: For buying product(s) but ship it to another country differ from your logged-in country, check Via Gifts.

Best Delivery Hour: After you insert all your shipping address information, don’t forget to select the best delivery hour to receive your order (kindly note that this service doesn’t work with all shipping companies, so you may receive your order in a different time according to your county). 

You have the ability to pay with many paying methods which will show up in checkout page to place the order such as Credit Card, Bank Transfer and PayPal..etc.

You can use your bonus discount coupons to pay for your orders. Check Via Bonus.

We consider the order page as an open connection channel between buy and seller, so here are some important tips to know:

Order Details: Order page contents of all the information you have inserted during your checkout information, so in case you have inserted any wrong info, kindly submit a Support Ticket as soon as possible.

Buyer Notes: In case you have any note that you want to inform or deliver to the seller, you can easily add a note for the seller also attaching photos.

Seller Notes: Seller can add note or question for you, you have to answer ASAP. Don’t ignore it, because you will pay a compensation fees if the order delivered with any mistake which leads to request for replace or return, our team discovered after investigation that it was your fault because of ignoring seller note or question.  

Here are some tips to avoid any shipping inquires regarding shipping process:

Ready To Ship: Make sure to count the period of ready to ship that seller will need to prepare the order for shipping to you.

Shipping Duration: Check how many days that your order will take to reach your location after the ready to ship period. Check Via Map.

Order Status: To know the stage or the phase which your order in it, you will find the status of each order in your dashboard in Orders section in the same line of each order. To know the meaning of statuses, you can check Track Order.

Order Tracking: You can track your order to know all your orders movements since you have ordered. Check Track Order.

In case you have a problem in your order, we provide you steps to solve your problem easily: 

Support Ticket: We recommend to submit a support ticket for orders you have already purchased before move forward to cancel, replace or refund your order, you will find support ticket button in the same line of all your orders in your Orders section in dashboard. For more info about how to fulfil and submit it check Support Ticket

After Buy: When our team gives you the green light to move forward to submit a cancellation, replace or refund request, you have to know the terms and rules of Cancellation, Replacement  and Refund of products and orders which are not suitable for you. For more info about cancellation, replacement and refund check After Buy.

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