Keep your buyers updated and notified with your products and offers by asking them to follow your store.

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Store Followers

Followers List: You can reach your store followers list when you log in to your store Dashboard, you find Followers in the right sidebar below inquiries section.

Following Request: Ask buyers and shoppers to follow your store when you talk with them in the live chat and when you answering their inquiries, to get more better follower badges.

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Seller Dashboard

We offer a package of widgets that help you to publish your products and services, in addition to communicate with your customers and shipping.

Sellers Office

We help you to open your online store which isn’t different from offline stores, but with awesome tools and services that save time, effort and expenses.

Seller Services

Explore advantages that we provide for sellers and suppliers in 33 countries around the world selling new or used products in wholesaling and retailing.

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