We provide you analytics tool that helps you to analyse every single click and visit by shoppers in your store.

Header Bar

Time Range

First of all, You must determine within which duration you want to check your store data from the header bar options:

  • Fixed Durations: In default, your store data will be illustrated for the current month, but you can also change it for the last 7 days, last month or a whole year.
  • Certain Duration: You can select from the calendar certain dates range to get the data of this specific duration.

Visitors Map

Top Region

  • World Map: Check on the map where your store visitors are coming from around the world as the map will display your store visitors countries.
  • Countries List: Under the map, you will find a list of your store shoppers mentioned the country, how many visit and percentages of these visits in total store visits.

when they visit

Daily Visits

You can know exactly when your visitors come to your store (rush hours), the volumes during these times. So you can be online during these times to answer their inquiries and chat with them faster plus attracting new buyers by offering for ex. discount coupons...etc.


Top Referrers

You can know the most visited pages in your store (links which you have generated such as for Broker) with how often it has been visited whether they were products, articles or topics. So you will know exactly what is attracting shoppers or the most interesting products in your store and improve or develop it more.

Products Pie Chart

Most Viewed Products

The pie chart will illustrate to you most products your shoppers are visiting with a percentage of each one in the total visits of your store for your products. 

Graph Charts

Product & Category

  • Products Stats: Click on "Filter by Product" cell, write down the first 3 characters of the product that you want to know its daily views in specific, according to the time range that determined in the header bar.
  • Category Stats: Click on "Filter by Category" cell, select the category that you want to know its daily views in specific, according to the time range that determined in the header bar.

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