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Be a broker to earn money by helping sellers register and selling on our platform.

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You can join our Broker Program when you are attracting new sellers to create stores in our platform. New sellers can be from your neighbourhood, area and city or even from 33 countries such as friends, relatives, family…etc.

There is 2 kind of Brokers: 

Seller & Broker: Who is a registered as seller in our platform and selling products.

Only Broker: Who is not registered as a seller in our platform and just want to join the broker program.

As a seller you can earn more money by become a broker, attract new seller to help new seller to complete their registration process, create their stores then adding products. 

You can play both roles by managing your store operation plus attracting new sellers to join our platform using your Broker URL. On the other hand, get a commission when they selling any product or make any order.

If you don’t want be a seller but want to join our Broker Program, you welcome too. We have prepared in this page below a registration form to become a broker.

After your registration, our administration team will review your information and data, then approve it.

Once you receive the confirmation email, you can login and you will find only a section of your Broker Stats in your right side bar.

You will get the same commission of the Seller Broker.

When you help your new sellers in completing Premium Registration process and be the contact person for their stores & inquiries.

In addition, uploading products images, descriptions, details and information….etc. of the new stores.

Help new sellers in packaging, shipping & dispatching processes of their orders.

When you do above tasks, you will get 2.5% of any product will be sold in these new sellers stores. 

Kindly Note: 

1- To get the 2.5% commission, make sure to use your generated URL from your Broker Stats section in your Dashboard

2- You have to registering new sellers using your generated broker URL, using the Premium Registration

3- If you opened the store for a new seller and didn’t upload any products within 10 days, the store will be closed. 

To earn more money, we offer you another commission. When you generate your URL, then send it to your friends, relatives and family, If anybody use your URL to make any order by buying any product. In this case you will get 1.5% commission of the order cost. 

You can start your manual registration and find the form in this page below. 

Step 1: Broker Info.

Insert your information: Full Name, Nationality, Country & State, Email, Telephone No., Address, Level of Experience and Additional Info.

Step 2: Identification Verification 

Upload your identification documents: National ID, Residence ID, Driving Licence, Passport or Other

2 Documents: Choose at least 2 documents that are accessible easily to upload.

Uploading: After clicking on the 2 documents, start uploading each document in its place. To learn how to prepare documents check Documents.

Step 3: Payment

Determine the suitable way to get your commission: Bank Transfer, PayPal and Vodafone Cash (for Egyptian Only).

Step 4: Submit 

Once you click on Submit, your form will be sent to our administration team to review it and check all information and details plus identification documents.

In case there is some information missing or need more clarification, our team will contact you to complete it.

If your application is correct and completed, within 24 hours you will receive an approval email.

If you are a registered seller, so you are also became a broker since you have registered.

In your Broker section you can monitoring all broker commissions: 

Top Header: Here you will find 4 section which including Total Commissions, Toal Paid Commissions, Total Number of Sellers who you have registered and Numbers of Order that your referred made.

Top Bar: Here you will find a good search tool, so you can display commissions according to its status: All, Paid and Pending. 

Commissions List: Here you will find all details of each commission: Commission Reference Number, Amount of Commission, Type of Commission, Date and Action.

Generate Broker URL: To generate your broker URL, all you need to do is write or copy the link of premium registration page or a product then click on Generate button. Copy the Generated URL and used it to send or register your new sellers or any product that you want to get a commission from it.

According to your status, you will get paid as following:

Seller & Broker: You will get your commissions included in your monthly payment (or whenever you want if your store class is Platinum), your payments will be transfered to the payment method that you have selected when you have registered.

Only Broker: If you decided to be only a broker, so can determine the suitable way to get your commission during the 3 step of the broker registration below form among the following methods: Bank Transfer or PayPal..etc.

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