Shoppers can send you inquiries regarding your store published products, you have to answer them as soon as possible.

Inquiries & questions

Enquiries List

You can access your store Enquiries from your store dashboard in header bar between notifications and announcement or from the right sidebar in your dashboard you find Enquiries Box below Chat Box section. In the board you find the following list:

Query: This column shows inquiries texts (messages contents), so click on it to open the inquiry.

Product: This column shows which product that inquiry comes from or for.

Customer: This column shows the customer information who sent the inquiry.

Replies: This column shows if this inquiry has previous replies.

Date: This column shows when this inquiry has been submitted.

Actions: This column shows the suitable action between reply to this inquiry or delete it.

Inquiry Page

Enquiries Reply

Enquiry Summery: First section of inquiry page includes inquiry content, product link, date, shopper name.

Replies: List of all replies between you and shopper.

New Reply: To write a new reply or message, you will find a text box where you can write in it whatever you want.

Attachments: You can attach one or more files like product 's photos, Usage Catalog or documents, if it's required.

Stick at Product Page: If this inquiry is frequently asked by many shoppers or your answer includes important details or information, and you want to set the question(s) with your answer in the product page for displaying them to any shopper who may visit the product page and want to ask the same question again. Just check the box then click on "Send" button

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